Helping Your Business Save at VisionBank

There’s a reason entrepreneurs choose to bank with Vision. It’s not just that the fees are reasonable, competitive and upfront. It’s that we give you more value. We provide business several ways to keep their savings growing.

Business Savings Accounts

Watch your business savings accounts grow with VisionBank. At VisionBank, we offer several ways to reach your financial goals – whether they include a major purchase or helping you set aside funds for rainy day protection. Check current interest rates

Advantages of a Business Savings Account

  • Competitive interest
  • No monthly service fee


Money Market Savings

With a Money Market Savings account, you can take advantage of a competitive tiered interest rate based on your account balance. There is a small fee if the balance falls below a minimum average daily balance of $1,000 for the monthly statement cycle.

Transfers from a Money Market Savings Account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic or telephone transfer are limited to six per statement cycle including checks, draft or similar order to third parties. Withdrawals made by mail, ATM or in person are unlimited. A per withdrawal fee may be charged for each withdrawal in excess of six during a statement cycle.

Money market accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Advantages of Money Market Savings

  • Higher interest rate than personal savings account
  • Write checks off money market savings accounts

Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit (CD), is a type of federally insured savings account that has a fixed interest rate and fixed date of withdrawal, known as the maturity date. CDs offer higher interest rates than typical savings accounts and they have no monthly fees.

VisionBank offers a wide range of term lengths, but the standard range is between three months and five years.

Benefits of a Certificate of Deposit

  • Higher interest rate than money market or savings accounts

Check current interest rates.